2018-2024 Yamaha YZ65 Wheel Set - Night Edition

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NACSTAR Works Wheels are high quality motocross and enduro wheels. Our hubs are made from 6061-T6 aluminum. All hubs are forged and then CNC machined for precision fit, increased strength, maximum weight savings, and a factory look.

NACSTAR Works Anodized Rims are constructed from 7050-T6 aluminum and made in Japan, and are absolute some of the strongest rims available.

NACSTAR Works wheels are all mounted with Stainless Steel 304T spokes and 7075 Aluminum nipples. Wheel assembly is completed with high-quality sealed bearings, seals, and hard anodized wheel spacers.

Our wheels are complete with bearings, seals and spacer, wheels are trued and ready to mount when you received them.

All wheels are SOLD as a SET

Brand Model Year
Yamaha YZ65 2018 to 2024