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Excel One by Takasago

Excel One Rims by Takasago

Were developed for enthusiasts and weekend warriors looking for a good value for their money! Best for OEM Replacement. Excel’s new EXCEL ONE by Takasago rims are a great economical alternative to our Premium Takasago and Excel A60 rims that dominate the Podium Worldwide.  

A new extrusion profile with an economical aluminum alloy gives EXCEL ONE the performance that Excel Rims represents.

  • Rims can be laced to stock hubs and certain aftermarket hubs.
  • Rims are offered in sizes: 21 x 1.60, 19 x 1.85 and 19 x 2.15  fitting most popular models.
  • Available in Black anodized finishes.
  • Rims are made in Japan!